Nanjing Mints -China traditional culture series(Dragon and Phoenix trimetalic medal) 30g .999 silver antique finishing RARE 69 Mintage

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Nanjing Mints -China traditional culture series - Dragon and Phoenix Tri-metallic medal  

The first medal is auspicious dragon phoenix. 45 mm diameter, breakthrough technology of combining three medal into a medal, High relief sand blast with mirror proof surface, coin edge at rim and first in the country.

Observes is the "auspicious dragon and phoenix ". A Chinese scholar has cited, a wise emperor with mercy will lead to peace and one of the 9 dragon will show up to represent the auspicious. The reserve is "koi jump over the dragon gate". The ancient "HAN empire" ethic group of China legend cited the koi will turn into Dragon after jumping over the dragon gate. This represent promotion in ranking if you are employee, successfulness and higher achievement if you are businessman, achieve an excellent results if you are student and so on. Both sides of the medal represent the traditional of Chinese.

Chinese Traditional Culture series Dragon and Phoenix Tri-metalic medal excellent technology highlights:

1. A breakthrough advance technology of Nanjing Mints to cast and strike three different metals brass, copper and silver together tightly as showed in video instead of using industry glue which is common in practise.

2. Generally the traditional mirror sandblasting process for 45 mm diameter high relief medal is around height of 0.5mm. However, Nanjing mint has made another high relief technology breakthrough of 3mm.  Generally, the mirror sandblasting process must strike once rather than repeated numerous times. To make this happen for the Dragon and Phoenix Tri-metalic medal using the latest technology of three times casting and striking to merge the three metals by numerous dies' This is different technology with the classical garden since it is tri-metalic instead of one metal only.

3. This is the first china tri-metalic medal not using industry glue and striking the silver which is soft element with the hard element of brass and copper with massive surface of silver. The first version of tri-metalic Dragon and phoenix medal which with Mintage of 299 is easier than version 2 & 3 even it is a technology breakthrough in the world.

By : Nanjing Mints

Mintage : 69

Material : Cooper, brass and 30 gram silver on each medal. Antique finishing

Coo and box.